Our mission is simple

Children of the Rainforest is a nonprofit organization founded to save the Yawanawa language and its cultural traditions from extinction. We fund and maximize the impact of the Yawanawa School of Language and Cultural Traditions, Isku Vakehuhu We’re on a mission to help the Yawanawa protect and care for 500,000 acres of Amazon rainforest. Join us.

Who are we ?

Children of the Rainforest is a registered 501(C)(3) non profit in the United States.
We believe by protecting the Amazon Rainforest we are nurturing all life on earth. We are led by our Chief Board Member Birací Jr. “Isku Kua” Yawanawa.


board member

A visionary young leader of the Yawanawa people...

Tsatsarua Yawanawa


A young man dedicated to his artistic craft of singing and playing guitar...

Tesku Yawanawa


brand new to the world of content creation and digital storytelling...

Andrew Soluna


Andrew Soluna M first visited New Hope Village...

Chary Salinas

Operations manager

Chary is part of the operations team...

Lucai Giraldeli


Lucai supports fundraising efforts...

John Le

Board member

John was born and raised in Southern California...

Nixiwaka Yawanawa


Cultural and Language Advisor...

Devon Massyn

Board Member

a Wildlife filmmaker, cinematographer, TV host, conservationist, animal expert...

Mickey and Jo

Board Member

have been a key part of the international music industry for over 30 years...


We envision a world of thriving rainforests, clean water, and abundant biodiversity.
Where ancestral ways of nurturing the Earth are honored and children learn from elders how to care for the planet for all future generations.
We believe Indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest play a crucial role in protecting and nourishing biodiversity and they must be protected as their land and people are under threat of deforestation.
We believe the most effective solution to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation and exploitation is to empower Indigenous communities to remain on their reserves and strengthen and expand the demarcation of Indigenous land rights.

We believe Indigenous languages hold millenary wisdom and functional knowledge of the plants and biodiversity of the rainforest that cannot simply be translated.
When an Indigenous language goes extinct the biodiversity and land suffers.
We believe that language is the heart of culture.
When an Indigenous culture loses its
language, the culture is in danger of extinction.
Without Indigenous communities thriving
on their reserves, what will happen to the land, rivers, animals. Who will protect the Amazon rainforest?

Our Commitment

We commit to sustaining and maximizing operations of Isku Vakehuhu.

We commit to educating the masses on allyship with Indigenous partners and to strengthen a movement of allies who live outside of the Amazon and partner directly with frontline communities such as the Yawanawa.

We commit to sharing the message of cultural rejuvenation and supporting all Indigenous communities throughout the Amazon rainforest